Helping to protect you from harmful particles on all surfaces


Any material. Any surface.

We have developed antimicrobial and antiviral coatings using the latest scientific discoveries. CodiKoat technology can coat any surface — be it hard or soft, rough or smooth, curved or flat — with nanoparticles of any composition and size. Our coating materials can be easily tuned at an atomic scale and integrated into existing manufacturing lines for any product.

Fast and durable


CodiKoat is a new state of the art technology which uses surface functionalised nanostructures to inactivate viruses on the spot (in seconds) as well as having a wide range of antimicrobial and antifungal properties. CodiKoat have developed a high-precision coating process to coat materials in a highly controllable and uniform manner. This provides a strong chemistry of nanostructures with the surface, which leads to high durability, lasting for the whole product lifetime.  


GOVIROL. A novel adhesive film to keep surfaces self-sanitised
VIRUFAB. A novel coating to keep fabrics self-sanitised

Science behind


The nanoparticles used in our coating technology are effective against a wide range of viruses, microbes and fungi

Speed of action

Independent scientific discoveries have demonstrated that this technology can destroy coronavirus in seconds


The novel deposition technique used in our coating design provides a strong surface chemistry with any substrate material 



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We are a start-up company that is actively seeking partnerships to grow our business and develop new products. We want to hear about your business and your ideas. Get in touch to find how our technology can be integrated into your product.

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